The most valuable players of every age from 22 to 29



In the high-stakes world of contemporary football, every player has a monetary value attached to them – the promising prospects just as much as the superstar veterans. With astronomical sums of money now involved in the sport, even teenagers can command transfer fees in the tens of millions.

Lamine Yamal represents the next generation of talents who are coveted for their potential. Meanwhile, icons like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have price tags in the hundreds of millions, such is their world-class ability and marketing power.

Looking at Transfermarkt valuations, which should be considered rough estimates, we’ve highlighted the priciest player globally at each age from 22 to 29. While these numbers may seem exorbitant, they reflect the soaring market value of football’s emerging and established elites in the modern era. You can bet on the teams of these players online at any time.

22: Bukayo Saka – €120 million

The Arsenal and England winger has burst into the new season, scoring 4 goals in his first 9 Premier League matches. At just 21 years old, Saka is already among the world’s most dangerous attackers, justifying his €120 million value.

23: Erling Haaland – €180 million

The Norwegian scoring robot has continued his ruthless goalscoring form since joining Manchester City. With his superhuman finishing, Haaland looks destined to dominate global football for the next decade. At €180 million, he’s a bargain.

24: Kylian Mbappé – €180 million

Already a World Cup winner and France’s main man at just 24, Mbappé is the current king of football. With over 200 club goals and a historic World Cup final hat trick, the French superstar warrants his equal €180 million value.

25: Federico Valverde – €100 million

Despite being just 24, the Uruguayan midfielder has already won a trove of trophies at Real Madrid. His world-class box-to-box ability makes him worth €100 million.

26. Lautaro Martínez – €100 million

After leading Inter to Italian trophies and Argentina to World Cup glory, the 25-year-old striker’s €100 million value is no surprise. As Messi declines, Martínez appears primed to become his nation’s new hero.

27. Rodri – €100 million

The Spanish holding midfielder makes Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City tick. Recent shock defeats while Rodri was suspended showed his true €100 million value.

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